Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh Mother~~

My bosses boss said it's dangerous to be part of our department because there's a lot of illness going amongst extended family members. One husband with a blood clot, one boyfriend with back problems, another boyfriend with some sort of lung thing going on and all within the last week or so. Daily it seems like someone is going down.

Then Maya has had an extended illness since December 28th. Last Thursday she had an ultrasound to check out her kidney's and still has a weekly order to have lab work done but she really is feeling so much better. Last week was her first really good week so what happens? ....Ben came home Thursday with some sort of 12 hour stomach bug. Today Maya came home with the stomach bug. We spent the night taking care of her stomach needs. Oh mother~~~

I told one of my co-workers, the curse continues. When will the madness stop? Even though I'm tired mentally, emotionally and physically I'm thankful that my children love me and waaaant me when it comes to being comforted in their time of need. It's a blessing to know they think that having me near is all they need to feel better. As long as I'm near, all is well. How can I complain? I'm the mom and they love me. Life is good.

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