Thursday, March 29, 2007


10) VW vans from a garage sale, 6) VW bugs, 1) hand stamped card purchased from Abby on Etsy for framing, material that has been back ordered since December from SewZanne's Fabrics and we have ourselves a simple theme for the boys room. He wants apple green and blue paint for the walls and I have denim for duvet covers. So what to make with the material? Curtains, throw pillows, pillow cases or a have Jesse upholster a cushion for a bench I've designed? Getting the supplies together is only the beginning.


MamaZuzi said...

Love that fabric and the pic. I'm reworking the kids room too. We painted a robin egg's blue and now Dad is supposed to finish bunk beds so I can paint both a magic tree house and a princess and unicorn on the walls!

norma said...

Ben just got new bunk beds too that have a trundle bed. He's very excited about the fort possibilities and visions of sleep overs with his pals.
I wish Maya was still young enough for princesses. She's moving past that and in that inbetween age of little girl and adolescent. Kind of a strange time. Take pictures of your murals. I bet it will be great.