Monday, March 26, 2007

Wind in My Hair~~

One day on vacation we went up to my brother-in-laws property and spent the day hiking, bar-b-queuing, soaking up the sun and hanging out. I took a nap in the sun and sat on one of the huge boulders and just took in the beautiful view.

On the way down the mountain, we stopped at the property he's staying at so the kids could ride one of his horses. (More pics later) While there we all had the delight in seeing the Arabian horses, owned by the land owners, let loose to run free. No fences surrounding their property so I really didn't believe they would stay put so I was very interested in what was about to happen. I took pictures but my cheapy doesn't really do justice to the moment.

They pranced around a bit and ran back and forth waiting for 5 of 6 horses to be let loose then they all charged up this slop that plateaued at the top and ran around in a circle with the wind blowing in their manes. It was truly a site to see. They ran back down then back up again a few times showing off their beauty. We all were delighted and so amazed at the obvious time the two older gentlemen had spent with these horses so they were not threatened by their surroundings or by any of us. The old gentlemen took immense delight in seeing their horses so happy. We must have stood there for half an hour watching their silhouettes against the sky line.

Vacations make me feel like I have wind in my hair. I love the freedom to sleep late, spend as much time as you like with those that you love and not keep to any agenda, schedule or calendar. I love the time we have to soak up the sun, feel the wind on our faces, take in the views and enjoy the silence. Why don't we take the time to enjoy that at home? Note to self: slow down the pace and hold still long enough for the wind to blow through my hair and feel it on my face.


The Alt Martha said...

As a former horse owner (about 20 years or so) I can attest to the great feeling watching them run free in a pasture (although the best is on the beach but of course there you need to be on their backs)! My silly horse would always make me walk to the very back of the pasture and then just when I was about to wrap the rope around her neck she would bolt off to the other end again. Sometimes I would eventually give up and then she would look at me heartbroken wondering why I quit playing her game. Few people get to witness the true personality horses have.

norma said...

I was always too afraid to ride after a bad experience (not the horses fault) but I never tire of thier beauty and power. I would have liked to have been a horse rider and had your experiences. Ben and Maya loved riding my brother-in-laws horse and were very serious about his instructions. We had fun watching them.