Saturday, April 7, 2007

Fun Day~~

We left the window open last night because it was such a beautiful day yesterday but we woke to RAIN. I'm talking coming down hard rain. It woke me up several times EARLY this morning and I was sad because it was supposed to be sunny today. Well we did end up getting some great sun but it was mostly raining.

I went to Craft Warehouse to pick up some Dover books for the kids' baskets and ended up crafting at some 'make it and take it' tables. I did a birthday card with felt flowers and a rhinestone brad. I also learned to needle felt. I did a cute little polka dot egg and I totally got in to. The whole Craft Warehouse experience was so relaxing. It was so much fun to look at the craft supplies wihtout my name 'mom' being called upon over and over. It was so fun to be spontaneously and sit down to do crafts that I was interested in. Now I am totally recharged.

I brought Maya home from a birthday party then Ben came home from a friends so the kids colored eggs, made cute little cupcakes, we took lots of pictures because the sun was now out, and we bar-b-qued on the grill. Maya had a friend come over to help and all three of them got along and had fun. I had fun, being relaxed and all, because I was flexible and made it all about them having fun. Whatever it was you did today, I hope you were relaxed too doing something you enjoyed.


MamaZuzi said...

The egg is adorable. How long does something like that take?

norma said...

The base is a styrofoam egg covered in wool so it's not solid. They already had the base color on the eggs before we even started, for demonstration purposes,so this only took me about 10 minutes to put on the polka dots.

The Alt Martha said...

WHAT? #$@%&*!! You crafted without me?! How rude. (Oh well, vegans don't do wool anyhow : >). Congrats on having a quiet moment.