Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Wonder~~

Ever wonder why some things bother you? Why we do or don't do something? Is this important? No but I do not proclaim to be wise, educated or gifted. I'm a simple girl (again, thus the title of this site) and I know I always have been and always will be.

Why does it bother me that people don't say 'You're welcome"? It has been replaced with "No problem" and I sigh with disappointment when I get that reply. Important? No.

Why can't I wear the same pajamas two nights in a row? I can wear them every other night but not two nights in a row. Why can't I wear nightgowns without them being all twisted and around my chest in the morning? On T.V. or the movies the actresses, of all ages, get out of bed gracefully and without their nightgowns being all twisted up. I know plenty of people who wear nightgowns. Are theirs twisted in the morning? Important? No.

Why do I love to suck and chew on ice? A problem with my iron? No, I take supplements and yet I LUV the taste of ice. You say, how can ice taste like anything when it's frozen water? Well I can tell you it does taste and not all ice is equal. Some tastes better than others and the shape of the ice is important. Not cubes but cylinder ice that's hollow in the middle is the best. It melts to a light crunchiness that makes me happy to chomp on it. Writing about it is making me drool. Important? No.

Why do I do the same actions again and again when I know I'll get the same result and I wasn't happy with the end result before so why do I think I will be now? Why can't I change my actions when I tell myself I'll never do it again? Important? Yes, I think so.

Why do I struggle to live in the now? Why am I always thinking about what could be, what might be, about the next project, the next adventure, the tomorrows? Not so much the past at all but not NOW. I have lots of now moments during the day but I don't always feel fully engaged. The Bible says not to be concerned about tomorrow. Today will give us enough to deal with. I'm not 'concerned' about tomorrow but I do think about it. I totally trust God to take care of tomorrow and yet I think on it too much I think. Important? Yes, I think so.

I wonder... if I succeed at slowing down my pace and living in the now, will time slow down so that I can enjoy the time with my children instead of rushing us through our routine at night? Will I have more time to enjoy with my husband and just talk, walk and laugh? Will I enjoy digging in the dirt while feeling the heat or cold as I garden instead of trying to get as much accomplished in the least amount of time? Will I enjoy my craft projects more if I'm taking the time to be part of the process rather then meeting a deadline? Is my wondering dwelling on the future or living in the now? Important? What are your thoughts?


MamaZuzi said...

I have been an overthinker my entire life and there are some good things about it (poetry being one of them). Being in the here and now, being mindful is a difficult one but well worth it. I have spent years worrying about the future with global warming, peak oil and the like and I still do to some degree but I'm much more focussed on my family, what I can do today, my little world, my kids. I struggle just as you do but I'm trying to be mindful. Try practicing mindfulness through meditation, yoga, just sitting quietly and observing.

MamaZuzi said...

Since there are no comments allowed above... I'll add mine here... what you said re: the Virginia Tech tragedy AND gun control, gun control, gun control. I realize people kill people but they could do much less damage if they couldn't get semi-automatic weapons easily and while some will always be out there on the black market, not all these shooter folks are going to be able or willing to access that.