Friday, April 20, 2007

A Lady or NOT~~

Another beautiful day of sunshine. One thing about not having sun, as of late, is we really appreciate it when we get it. Everyone finds any reason to be outside. All day I was thinking of getting home and working in the yard.
Today Maya went to the food bank with her after school program and they had planted seeds in newspaper as a way of promoting growing their own food so when we got home she planted the whole thing in a pot. She too was in the mood for yard work and puttered around the yard doing odd jobs.

Jesse mowed the back and front yards while Ben picked up branches that had fallen from the trees. We have LOTS of trees in our back yard. I weeded the front yard and moved plants around (thanks Kenya for the "just do it" pep talk) in the front. With all the plants growing bigger last year, some needed relocating.
My goal was to do what I could and not stress about how much was going to get done. To be mindful of my surroundings. To hear the neighborhood sounds, enjoy digging in the dirt, take in the smells of yard work and freshly cut grass. To envision how the plants would look at the end of summer so I could place them properly. I even took a break to play Frisbee with Ben.

My latest goals are to be mindful of now and to be engaged in the process instead of thinking of other things or tomorrow. So I'm in the yard, watching the cat play with a snake he caught, pulled weeds without my gloves so I could have direct contact with the dirt and plants, ran my fingers over the lavender so I could release its fragrance, digging holes and relocating plants and working up a sweat. Oh, do ladies sweat or do they perspire? Let's see....looks like sweat, feels like sweat and smells like sweat. Yep, I was working up a sweat. A lady I am NOT.

Went in for dinner about 8:30 and didn't realize how hungry I was until my man said to try some jicama and cucumber he had marinating in lemon, salt and cayenne pepper. I stood at the counter and almost ate the whole bowl. My man says, "So I guess you liked it, huh?" My answer was to peel another cucumber and cut up some more jicama to repeat the process.

He serves me my hamburger off the grill and it. was. so. good. Again I'm standing at the counter eating. My man says, "Do you want to sit down and eat?". I shake my head no and mumble, "Nope I'm good here."

Again... a lady I am NOT.


kbeeps said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect day! And I am definitely going to have to try fixing my jicama and cucumbers like that - sounds divinely refreshing!

norma said...

Fresh mango and oranges are good this way too. Mmmm.

MamaZuzi said...

I haven't had a chance to read all the way through this post, but am going to... can't quite picture you this way but I will :-)

The Alt Martha said...

If being a lady means you can't eat while standing over the sink, I don't want to be a lady!