Thursday, June 21, 2007

When I grow Up~~

The kids have started two weeks of swim lessons. They couldn't get in during the same time frame so I sit through two swim lessons. Ben goes first and Maya waits in anticipation for her lesson. She sings and just watches all the kids. When Maya is swimming, Ben is relaxed and content so he just sits and chomps ice with me.

This is pure heaven for a mom of talkers. I am not a talker so this is exhausting to me thus a quiet content child is bliss. Day one I finished a baby knit hat I had started during my first break at work. Day two I finished a book I'd been trying to finish and couldn't find the time. Day three I made progress on garden themed fabric ATC's I'm making for a swap. Day four I finished the Sunday school curriculum that I help out with on a monthly basis. Tomorrow it's more work on the ATC's.

I envision that I'm a stay at home mother waiting on her children and it's an every day occurrence to make progress on projects. No more being behind on things I want to work on. I start and finish on the same day because I know that's what those stay-at-home moms do while I'm really at work. When I grow up I want to be a stay-at-home mom. Six more days of progess here I come.


chelle said...

How wonderful that you accomplished so much! YAY for swim lessons! When I grow up I want to be that stay at home mom too ... at the moment I am not THAT stay at home mom! hehe!

MamaZuzi said...

Sometimes I fantasize a bit about actually being a stay-at-home mom (although it might involved some college)... either way, I know a few stay at home mamas who fantasize about having a job! :-)

norma said...

I know some who wish they worked too. Of course I don't get that but oh well. :)