Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th & Yellow~

I should just rename my blog: "Ode to Elaine". The woman is amazing in so many ways. She is gifted in thrift store shopping, she recycles/reuses faithfully and inspires others to do so, she is kind to animals and only adopts animals from shelters, she loves animals so much that she is Vegan, she crafts the most amazing art and stays true to her style, she has a sense of home decor that has been published and ALWAYS sends the most amazing mail. Not only is the contents fun, unique and beautiful but the way she packages it makes it fun to open the mailbox & and I'm always delighted. Here is her latest- a 4th of July greeting. Do you see what I mean? She used a seal-a-meal bag as the envelope, enclosed holiday confetti and put a stamp on it. I bet the mailman gets a kick out of her stuff and it makes him smile. I know he's thankful for my friend as much as I am. Thanks Elaine!!! I absolutely love it~
Wednesday - Yellow

-Elaine's 4th of July greeting is most appropriate for the day and for my day of yellow for the 'color week challenge' I'm participating in.

-My favorite yellow bowl that I got free at a garage sale.

-Figurine that was my Nana's. She lived until she was in her 80's. I receive my love for crafting from her, my curly hair from her and I cherish my memories of her.
-And this hand painted egg that I bought at an estate sale. The yellow is more mustardy than the picture shows. Amazing painting.



MamaZuzi said...

You have been VERY busy on your blog - unlike me. There may be a problem with the hydrangea cards, I'll let you know. I desperately want a pair of those Keens but can't seem to find them in my size (I really want the green)!

Norma said...

I really want another pair too but I can't seem to find the time to go looking. Green would be fun!!