Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't Know Why~

I don't know why but I can't sleep in nightgowns. During the night they twist, turn and I wake up with it all wrapped & twisted around my waist. I'm hot, uncomfortable and end up being cranky all day so for the sake of my sanity, my families welfare and general world peace, I don't wear nightgowns.

I don't know why but I can't wear the same pajamas two nights in a row either. Hmmm. It's not because I was uncomfortable or anything like above but if I put them on the next night, I'm just not relaxed. It doesn't feel fresh. I can wear a pair on an every other night bases but usually not more than two times for the same pajamas before they go in the laundry.

I usually don't wear a full flannel set-too hot! In summer I wear cotton bottoms with pajama tanks or mens ribbed tank tops. I will also wear a regular t-shirt. In winter I'll wear flannel bottoms, sweat bottoms, a thermal shirt or a t-shirt. I get all comfy just thinking about it.

My man usually gets exasperated with me because on my corner of the bed I usually have a few pairs of pajamas piled up because I've worn them so they can't go back in the drawer but I haven't worn them twice so they're not ready for the laundry. I know...I'm weird.


Felicia said...

Those nightgowns should come with a warning label! LOL I can't wear them either because they get too tangled.

Amalee Issa said...

Hello Norma. No, you're not wierd, you just love doing the laundry, and this game with your jimmies is merely the means to creating more lovely laundry... I know this, because I'm as bad. So is April -->
and so is Jan. In fact Jan actually has lovely laundry pictures on her profile! -->

I like your blog. Amalee