Tuesday, November 20, 2007

10 Things Tuesday~

This week of Thanksgiving is a great week to post 10 things I am thankful for. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

1. Excited for my mom and sister coming in two days. Girl time~

2. Re-arranged living room and knowing it's all clean behind and under all that's in there.

3. Sitting by the fire.

4. Talking to my dad on the phone. He's a great guy.

5. Successfull luncheon pulled off for the Sunday school teachers.

6. Shared laundry soap recipe from Karen. I'll be making a double batch when I'm finished here.

7. Some cheery fall color from a few trees late to los their leaves.

8. Learning to knit.

9. God's provision.

10. Family and friends as we support each other through life.


MamaZuzi said...

Thanks for making us all think about this... aren't you thankful I put it on your blog not my own?!
1) Watching and listening to my boy laugh himself breathless while watching Charlie Brown,
2) Watching my daughter's expressive use of her hands while talking (she may get that from me),
3) Having another day to try to be a better parent and a better partner and friend,
4) Having my friends -- some newer, one since 3rd grade!
5) Getting to be part of so many beautiful kids lives,
6) The cold air which helps me wake up and feel alive,
7) Knitting projects which make me feel productive and which bring me some calm and sense of warmth,
8) The holiday season, despite the commercialism that is too present,
9) My boy doing well in school despite having been behind for so long,
10) Still having my mother and brother to love and check in with even if it is long distance most of the time.

Euphoria said...

what a wonderful list- may you and your family have a blessed thanksgiving day, and everyday!

kbeeps said...

I'm thankful that my swap partner finally emailed me back!

Oh, and for friends who don't think I'm a freak for making my own laundry soap... :-)

But seriously, you have a great list here. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Jan said...

Nice. Happy Thanksgiving!

norma said...

Sue glad you like putting your list here. It's always good to read your 10 things. It's always good.
Karen-YOU are not a freak!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!