Wednesday, November 28, 2007

12 Days of Christmas Swap~

It's here, it's here!! I joined this swap and I just received the goods that I'll start to open on December 14. I love all the creative packaging the ladies put together. I wonder what creative crafts they put together and what awaits me inside.
  • My name on a cute little tag.

  • A sweet white bird that looks to be stamped.

  • The red and white twine.

  • Each package numbered.

  • Red felt flower on a tag.

  • The textures.

Reminds me of Darryl Hannah when she plays a mermaid and Tom Hanks gives her a present. She thinks the packaging is the present and doesn't realize there's something inside to be opened. I'm happy just to see all the packaging. Yay for the 12 Days of Christmas Swap~


kbeeps said...

Very cool! You'll have to post pictures so we can see what you got!

But...the 12 days of Christmas doesn't ACTUALLY start till the 25th... :-)

norma said...

I will post pictures and you'll have to enlighten me on the 12 days.

Patriot said...

How Fun! Looks like you got some cute things!

Hi! I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know that I host a new giveaway every Monday! Come check it out! Thanks!

Euphoria said...

those look great and their not even opened yet!!! Enjoy!