Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here's my Holiday Traditions Swap package I received from Hazeljoy. She was lots of fun to swap with. Her international way with words was a fun change. Thanks Hazeljoy~
Homemade ornaments of felt: my colors, gold coin chocolates::paper art~sewn::hand stamped little packets of fun and holiday traditions::paper ephmera for future paper projects::Christmas music CD::candy::tags for future collage work. See the empty candy wrapper-top right? My little onces snuck a candy...being in a chocolate coma made them forget to hide the evidence.

Love this writing of hers::I'm a simple girl and these little details make me happy, happy, happy.

My very own "Royal Mail".

From hazeljoy. How did she do that on a machine. Patiently. I'm thinking.


Felicia said...

That Hazeljoy is something else. What a lovely package :)

norma said...

That she is. :)