Saturday, June 14, 2008

He Fishes!

Since day one, he has fished. When we were poor (and I mean poor) he fished, when we were doing well he has fished, with all of our four kids he has fished, as a child himself he has fished, with his brothers he has fished, with his dad he has fished, with friends he has fished, then he fished and now he fishes. He loves to fish. He says he thinks of nothing while he fishes. He's totally fishing and nothing else. His mom used to send him and his brothers fishing all day at the beach, by themselves, when they were young. They only had to be back before dark. Those were the days when you could let your kids go beyond the corner.
Surf fishing with one of his brothers and his dad.

Our oldest son surf fishing.

Second son showing his prize. He's the one who now loves to fish.We start em young in our household.
He taught one of my nephews to fish and now that that 'boy' is 6'5" and 300 pounds, he still fondly recalls my man teaching him to fish. That 'boy' now goes to Baja, Mexico monthly and charters boats so he can fish. He too now loves to fish. Two of my other nephews call my man just to tell him of fish they've just caught and my man enthusiastic listens and wants to know all the details. He's sincerely happy for them and loves to hear all about it. Our oldest son likes to fish but our second son loves to fish. I love that he is so passionate about it and gets some of his greatest joy from sharing it with others. He's taught people to fish, or he's cooked (he's a yummy cook) fish for others or he's shared his catch with friends. Some way some how he shares his love of fishing.

This is my most favorite picture of my husband. This is so him.Happy Father's Day!

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