Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stacking Wood~

We woke up at 6 this morning because we had some serious wood stacking to do. Today was 102 degrees at our house and we knew it was going to be a hot weekend. Wednesday I cut the grass in the front and back. I also weeded the front flower beds. Thursday I did major cleaning mostly downstairs but I did some cleaning upstairs too in preparation of a hot weekend and not wanting to clean while it was hot.

Front stack is only 1 row thick. Back pile is 3+ rows thick.

We really needed to stack firewood but we knew it was going to be a hot weekend so alarms (I need more than one to wake-up) were set for 6am. On a Saturday? It's a shame but it had to be done. We were finished with outside chores by 11 and knowing we got everything finished and all looked nice was very rewarding.

This pile is 2 rows thick.

This faithful trailer, purchased for 100.00 about 6 years ago has served us so well!

I think of summer as 'vacation' or 'time off to enjoy the weather' but in lots of ways, it's time to prepare for when the weather doesn't allow us to. Reports say our natural gas will go up as much as 30% this fall so this wood will really help keep the costs down. I don't mind the manual labor and I feel better about preparing for up coming needs rather than depending on an 'on' switch to provide all our needs. We were talking about how faithful God is to provide all this free wood. No money out of pocket. Time to chop and stack is nothing. We're thankful to have the good health that allows us to do it.

One paticular piece of wood didn't want to go on bottom so it bounced back and let me know. Ouch.


kbeeps said...

Ouch - that leg looks painful!

We were supposed to be chopping wood but it was too darn hot so we left it for a cooler weekend. We stayed inside and worked on digging out the spare room instead!

Norma said...

Yeah that's why we woke up so early and we didn't have any chopping to do. Just stacking.