Thursday, July 31, 2008


The whole time we were camping, the lens to my camera was dirty so most of the pics are hazy but it didn't stop us from having a relaxing time. Please excuse the blurriness. Is that a word?We went on a two hour row in our boat. Clear Lake is amazing quiet and you can see all the way to the bottom. No motors are allowed so it stays super clean.
We all came home with at least 10 mosquito bites. Did you know that mosquito's hunt their host by detecting carbon dioxide and it's the female that does all the biting? When you're out there exposed, you definitely feel like you're being hunted!! I'm sure I have malaria, yellow fever or some other disease. My head feels funny. Do I look okay?

My sister made pizza on the bar-b-que and that was fun & yummy. While we were packing to leave, we discovered 3 scorpions under our tent. One was dead because someone had stepped on it but the other two were alive. Yikes. We're all fine and no close calls but not a comforting thought, just the same.
I've said it before...I never get tired of Oregon beauty~

My sister taught darling daughter to crochet some more since we don't have patience with each other when it comes to teaching. I did some crocheting, we did some hiking and bike riding. We had a great time but I'm glad to be home. Don't you just love coming home to your own bed? I missed our bed. Our bed missed me. I just know it.

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