Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Days~

Okay, I love the heat and appreciate the sunshine but lately it's been HOT for about 20 bazillion days straight and I'm starting to feel worn down. We're supposed to have a few days that are below 80 and I'm looking forward to them. 95ish to 100 is a little too warm to get much done lately.

We did make some Vegan ice cream for Elaine's birthday. Chocolate with almonds & pretzels that were baked in butter & sugar. Kind of a sweet-salty combo. She liked it and so did the kids. Had a hard time keeping them from eating it all before we were able to give it to her.

Also been working on a buffet my dad gave me. He got it about 20ish years ago from a woman who was 80, getting married and needed to downsize. Don't you love that story? It had been her moms so it's very old. Love the little pull out storage. Don't have room for a buffet in our dining area so I'm going to use it to store my craft supplies & as a work table. Still need to stain the top and tighten up some of the joints for additonal strength. It was 96 at our house today but still made some stir fry with what we had on hand. Some chopped chicken, zucchini, green onions, sweet peas from our garden & a sauce made from honey, soy & orange juice. YUM and worth every warm moment making it. I think the panda bear chop sticks made it that much yummier. Washed it all down with this drink. Love the convenience and single serving size.
How are you all spending your summer days?


MamaZuzi said...

We are enjoying sleeping in and taking our time getting going in the mornings. Trying to enjoy this one summer with Dad home and available most days. This month girlie summer camp and boy sports camps plus birthday parties and gardening. Just mostly enjoying the slow feeling of time and not having the rush of the school year.

Norma said...

I can totally feel your rythm. Sounds wonderful!!!

kbeeps said...

Just trying not to melt, day in and day out...it's getting old fast. Bring on the rain!!!