Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun in the Sun~

We took our boat out yesterday to enjoy the spectacular weather we're having here in the NW. It was our second time on the water with this boat and it was a vast improvement from the first time we took it out. The boat ran better, we performed our duties better and it was much more streamlined. Seems like that's life too. Just went we really get summer down to a science....fall shows up and we need to get into a new routine with school starting. But for now, we'll take the sun and the fun that it brings to us.
Tubing, fishing, swimming, napping, sun on our skin, wind in our hair and lots of laughing. What will you try and do more of before summer ends?

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kbeeps said...

Man, that looks like WAY more fun than what we did yesterday - cutting and stacking wood for five hours! And yes, I helped, much to my dismay...

I just really need summer to end and the rain to come so I have an excuse to sit on my butt and veg out for a couple of months before I don't have time to veg out again for a few years, LOL!