Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas WIP 08~

::migraine gone now::burning Christmas CD's::fire burning::work in progress for Ornament Swap::listening to Christmas music::raked up the last of the leaves yesterday::re-stacked the wood pile on the patio:: The receiving is fun, no doubt, but I absolutely love to swap so I can imagine, create and put together the care package that I'll be sending out. Lovely ladies that I'm swapping with in the Holiday Swap, Cookie Swap and Ornament Swap.

I don't know any of the people that I'll be swapping with in the Ornament Swap since who I send to will not be who send to me but I love the friendships made in the other two swaps. These ladies have been fun to talk to via email and getting to know them through their blogs and conversations. Nothing makes me happier than to create for others.

Through all the years of making stuff, I only have a few things that I've kept. I mostly make to give away. So much creating this Christmas. Mostly made Christmas presents. I need to take pics.

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