Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Feelings~

Random happy that has me feeling good and appreciating the day. 1. old buttons that make me smile. 2. sun, sun and more sun. It's cold outside but who cares when you have sun shining in! 3. Safe return of my man from Cali. 4. Hope that my children will learn from their mistakes and only get better at being all that they should be. 5. Health of my family. Never take that for granted! I'd rather they be difficult to handle and have their moments because they are well enough and have the energy to give me grief. 6. Hope and peace each day I breath. 7. All my needs are taken care of. No worries.
8. Putting my energy in to what I can change and not worry about what I can't. 9. New possibilites and directions. 10. Freedom to choose and do.
~ Focus on what deserves your energy and not what will take away your spirit~Peace.

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