Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snowing Again~

We have snow....again. Thankfully the forecast is rain through the night because after 3 weeks of kids being home, we need them to be able to go to school tomorrow.
Life has been busy since the New Year began:
-Crafting on Friday.
-Christmas decorations put away and the house re-arranged, cleaned, sorted and feeling so much bigger and simpler. Just the way I like it.
-Fresh bread is baking.
-Apple gallette consumed.
-Red Velvet cupcakes made for the first time. Yum but the recipe for the frosting was almost triple the amount I needed so I'm making German chocolate cupcakes so I can use it up. Those will go to work tomorrow. They will be consumed in no time.
-Warm sleeping on my cozy flannel sheets.
-Naps taken.
Have a good week friends.

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