Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Conversing...Sort of~

Ben: Mom, listen to this song. (he hands me his mp3 player) It's my favorite song on the whole CD.
Me: Okay. (listening to screaming combined with some sort of musical screeching sounds)
Me thinking: okay, I can't even understand a single thing these guys are saying but hey, he loves this Christian CD we bought him for Christmas and that's all that matters. The guys at the Christian bookstore did great with matching the Lincoln Park sound he likes so much but without the content)
Ben: Can't you totally tell it's a song about not giving up?
Me: mmmmmmm. (making eye contact but not saying anything because lying is not good)

Ben: I guess that's why they named the song "Get Back". Isn't it a good name for the song?

Me: mmmmmmmm (making eye contact but not saying anything because, again, lying is not good)

Me thinking: Need to get him some more CD's like this but make sure he always loads them on his mp3 player or I'll go insane from the crazy, racing, screaming sound.


nikeathena said...

LOL! Was it Pillar? I used to be able to handle the screeching sound better. Apparently I'm getting old.

Fine Little Day said...

Mp3 and earphones is good... :) I´m getting old too.