Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pen or Pencil~

A friend suggested I start a journal. I don't feel that I'm the man for this sort of task and yet there are some valid reasons to start. To document the growth God is working in my life right now and I know He is always at work doing. To have a record of my time. To be encouraged at any point in my life as I look back and maybe my thoughts will be treasured, by a family member, at some time in the future.

My dad kept a journal of his Bible readings and what God was saying to him and how he interpreted what he was reading. I absolutely love to read them. Partly because I get to see what he was thinking and how it impacted him. Mostly though I love to see his writing. For some reason, seeing his writing makes me feel like a young girl who is loved and protected by her father.
I purchased a simple three-pack of thin journals called Keep it Green. I like the slim size of them so they can be carried with me in case I want to write on the go. I'm sort of private about my inner most thoughts so I'm not sure about letting them out of my sight, at first. I really like the colors of these journals. Two have lines and one has graph paper. I wonder what kind of journalist I'll be. Will I doodle? Will my entries always be short or long? Do I always have a "highlight of the day" or "thought of the day" in each entry? Do I use pen or pencil? Or both?
There's a lot to think about. I feel the need to take this somewhat seriously. I went to the bookstore to buy these. Do you know how many types of journals are out there? Leather bound simple. Leather bound super decorated. Organic, plastic, recycled, spiral or not, hardback or paperback. I never took notice before of all the options. I really like these simple ones because that's just the way I roll. The aqua one also matches my glasses. I think it will be the first one I write in.
One more question: Should I write the company and tell them they should change the name of their product?


The Alt Martha said...

Sounds like you need to borrow my Zutter binding machine so that you can make some journals girlfriend. : )

Anonymous said...

I think diaries are totally cool. I've always had one on the go growing up...