Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eating Out

We have trees in our yard that are 30 years old and BIG so of course we have wildlife. This is one of many squirrels. We don't feed them. They take care of themselves and do what they have to do to survive. Sometimes there are lots of them and sometimes there are only a couple.
He's a bold one. We were in the kitchen making dinner but when you have entertainment like this...the burners get turned off and you get the camera. He wasn't afraid that we were only 5 feet from him. Didn't budge when we opened the window to get clear shots. Here he's living on the edge. He doesn't know that that sunflower head isn't going to just fall off. We've had tons of rain and it could be rotted and ready to drop at any second but his soul purpose is to stuff his cheeks while he has the chance. He's a survivor. He's doing what he has to do.

Look at that tail!!! He was having a good hair day for sure. Deserves to be noticed.
Action shot. He's done this before. Big tree stump or a thin sunflower stem, it doesn't matter to him because he's the master of his domain!
Classic squirrel pose with the tail in upright position.
Not bothering to go to the top. Why bother when he knows he's going back down under.
Tail only.
He's giving me his backside. He has attitude. And my personal favorite below is...

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nikeathena said...

That last pose is classic. I've not seen a squirrel do that - very funny. Thanks for sharing your squirrel story!