Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maker of things

I'm a maker of things. My mind is constantly thinking and creating but there's always a set back to the doing part. Well last weekend I made myself try the making part and not think about the possibility of not succeeding part of my thoughts.
These little reversible fingerless gloves are my first try and were intended for little girls but a friend of my daughter had small hands and let me get pics of them so I could see how they looked on human hands rather than in my imagination. These were fun but already have new ideas on how to make them a little easier and more stream lined. Very satisfying results for my efforts.
I hardly ever make anything for myself but I went on-line to find a free pattern for a crochet hook case made out of fabric, this popped up first and I just knew it was perfect for me. The brown is out of wool then felted. I love brown/green and brown/aqua combinations but this time I had a sweet little thrifted button I've been wanting to use forever and this is just the place for it. I absolutely love how this turned out.

Said sweet little button that I adore!

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