Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I love my dad. As long as I can remember, he's made me feel loved. He's soft spoken, God loving and has gifted hands. He was an upholsterer. Taught my husband to upholster. He took up cello in his 50's. He's gardened, sketched and has always been handy with his hands. He was a paratrooper in World War II.

He used to scrape the paint off an inch of my pencil and write my name on them for school. As a young girl he made me a gold crushed velvet sectional for my Dawn dolls. He made me a tree house in 5th grade.

He always took me to church and made God real for me. That's the gift I cherish most. He introduced me to God. I've had a relationship with God for 41 years and God has never let me down. I was 5 when I first believed. A child's belief of a very real and tangible God who has shown himself to me daily. His love for me is real and is the same for anyone who accepts it.
Father's Day this year. He's pictured with my brother. I think we all look the alike. My dad's not feeling well today. I'm too far away to jump in the car to go see him but I'm praying for him because I love him and value him as a precious gift.
Get better dad. I love you. Norma.


kristin said...

this is so touching!! i do hope your father is doing well.

i love reading about all the little details of things he did for you as a child...such precious memories. he sounds like an amazing man. xx

Norma said...

Thanks Kristin. He is. N.