Sunday, January 24, 2010

Read this post which took me to this post and now I can't stop making circles. Decided to make a coverlet for our bed. California King. Big bed. Giant bed. Humongous!!! 420 circles big. I have two rows completed. That's 42 squares completed. I have another 30 circles ready to be made into squares, about 25 circles that need a third color and another 25 or so circles that need two colors. I can't stop crocheting. They make me completely happy to look at. Using this method to connect them. Scored 3 huge bags of yarn at Goodwill today. I have enough yarn to complete the project but when the man says "look at this. You should buy them", who am I to argue?
Sun peeked out yesterday. Today is completely drenched. No sun. Only sounds of hard rain.
Need to dig deep to remember what sun looks like. The plants help me along. Starting to think of garden planning now. What we want to grow again, what we want to try new and what to not bother with. Everything in its season but I love thinking about it. Next month it will be time to plant Sweet Peas. My most favorite flower. Luv.


kristin said...

well, i for one can't wait to see your finished blanket...score to find enough thrifted yarn...lucky gal. xx

Norma said...

I'm not usually so lucky so it made me twice as happy. :)