Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thrifted wool yarn and such treasures make me happy. Why do you suppose someone gets rid of such lovliness? Leftover from a project? Tastes change? Decide they are never going to use is so they donate it so I can buy it? Whatever the reason....I'm happy they did.
I received lovely mail from Kristin. I did a Valentine swap with her. Her hand stitching detail is to swoon for. Thanks Kristin!!!


kristin said...

oh hooray Norma!! thank you for posting this...i was so worried the little vintage stamen would get obliterated in the post. so glad you like it :)

and when can we thrift together? you always have the best scores!! xxx

Norma said...

oh i just loved it!! all was in place and mailed beautifully!! your stitching is perfection~....just like my little tree. :) happy march!! n.