Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I love my new scarf made from bits of fabric and thrifted scraps. Colors are grey, turquoise, aquas, black and white. Denise Schmidt's idea that I've been wanting to make for a long time.

10 random facts about me:
1. I love almonds. Chopped, as almond butter, sliced, whole...I love almonds.
2. I don't care for chocolate. Really. There have to lots of nuts involved, chewy caramel or crunchy toffee and just a bit of chocolate in order for me to eat it. It has to be milk chocolate too and not dark.
3. I love Cold Play, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, WAR, Chicago, Santana, Sade, Eagles, Doobie Brothers and so much more.
4. I don't play any instruments. I love music but I don't play. Not an ounce of musical talent and mostly don't remember song names or artists. I have to listen to something a long time in order for it to stick.
5. I usually start something with no real commitment to it and excel at it but once I commit to an event or challenge in relation to it, or if I spend money on it in some way...I slack off or lose interest. Why is that? Part of me just wants to pretend I'm not really doing it just so I'll stick to it.
6. Every January I try to learn to knit and every January I stop because I can't master it. Maybe I'll wait til February this year and that will be the break the cycle.
7. The TV is usually on. Even if we're not watching it, I find a show that I like and just leave it on for back ground noise.
8. In the back of my mind, I relate our survival on our wood pile. Ever since we've lived in Oregon.
9. I love anything that has to do with water. Beach, pool, lake, river, boating, swimming, floating, diving and all things water.
10. I love cleaning rain gutters and other household chores. Stacking wood, raking leaves, sweeping sidewalks, weeding, mowing the lawn, planting, putting up Christmas lights, trimming hedges and anything else. These chores make me tired and make me completely happy.
The End. Peace.


MamaZuzi said...

I love that! You should sell... if you wanted. I might buy one... depends on the price and hubby getting a job. 10 random things about me... hmmm:
1. I was born in Massachussetts
2. I totally need contacts
3. I tried to learn to knit a bunch of times and both pregnancies before it finally stuck
4. I just taught myself to crochet
5. I love taking, playing with, editing and selling my photos
6. I need to go to the chiropractor
7. I'm a gemini, or used to be
8. I think I like my hair shorter
9. I wish I could crochet something every day
10. I wish I had more time to really cook

Norma said...

Number 7 totally cracks me up!!!

MamaZuzi said...