Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baking for the Bag

We buy flour in the bulk section of our grocery store and never buy it packaged. I've been itching to buy it packaged though for the lovely flour bags that its packaged in. They always have the cutest materials. One day I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to run down the flour isle and right away he caught on as to why I wanted to.

Some young man stopped and openly listened to our conversation and my promises of cooking fresh tortillas everyday if I could buy that bag of flour. In the end when I was loading my precious bag, he was laughing and texting away on his phone. Probably something like..."dude, some old guy just totally lost the conversation to his wife and now is stuck buying this huge bag of flour just so she could have the material and probably won't even make the promised tortillas....old people....dude".

I'm half way down the bag and the bread keeps getting better. Luckily for me I saw this film then ran across this post that led me to a recipe I can do. I start it in the evening, do the second rising when I get home the next day and bake. The first two loaves were sad but yummy, the dutch oven (that my husband dumpster dived for because it was brand new) smoked like a third alarm fire during the first loaf but it was all worth it because the third loaf was a beauty. I love the smell of home baked bread.

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