Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Success

A little re-arrange after the Christmas mess has been picked up. The tree is now gone. I took out three pieces of furniture and put in the table. It had been crammed in the small kitchen and we'd tend to eat in the living room because there was no room to sit and eat. It was okay when we first moved in because our daughter was in kindergarten and our son in preschool but they're middle school and sixth grade now. Adult sized kids. At 12 my son has passed me up and is now 5'5".

This is the first time I've ever liked the way this room has been arranged. I knew there was too much furniture in there but now I really know just how much was too much. The right side of this room didn't film well so one a day with better light, I'll try to get a picture.
You know me. I'm a simple pleasures type. Right? I finally mastered how to grow that little string of pearls plant. Sadly a few others have gone to the big garden in the sky as I figured it all out. I'm so happy now that I can focus on finding a cute planter. I was thinking of this one.
-dry out between watering
-don't get water on any of the green
-water from below, in a pot of water that's slightly wider than the pot
-the first bit of water will soak up fast then refill dish and let it sit about five more minutes
-bright light but no direct sunshine on the plant itself
-this is a South facing window but no sunlight hits the plant itself

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