Sunday, January 22, 2012


Just got through reading this trilogy. For Christmas, my son and his girlfriend bought this set for my daughter. Her younger brother has already read them all. She had only read the first one and was so excited to have them all. I didn't plan to read them but I did end up reading them. Maybe in less than a week. My kids think I'm a fast reader but I don't think so. I just get so caught up in a good book that I can't seem to put it down.

Reading on my way to and from work. I take the MAX so it gives me an hour each way. Standing on the train or sitting, I'm hooked and can't put them down. Haunted and unable to sleep, after I read in bed. Hard to imagine a life as described. They're just books but I did cry at the end of three. I'm glad I'm through though. I'm glad there's not four or five. Just read that there's a movie coming this March. The book is pretty graphic. I'm not sure of it as a movie.

Week end 4:

+cleaning and organizing. Two bags to Goodwill, one bag of trash and a pile to free table at work
+plastic storage bin back to church. I had it at least two years, waiting for me to take back
-plastic storage bin back to church. I had it at least TWO YEARS....good grief
-worried for the health of someone I love
+a birthday present, I made, well received. Loved. Really loved. Made me feel good she loved it
+made this for two birthday presents. An Oct 2011 birthday and a Jan 26, 2012 birthday
-so far behind on the October present
+second half of January birthday cards written and ready to mail
-soooo much rain
+first aqua egg laid by chicken. Mostly brown, one green and one aqua...daily

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