Sunday, April 15, 2012

Joe is my Dad.

CATARINO (sounds like kahtahrrrreeno)

My dads name.

My mom called him Cata (kahtah) and his army buddies called him Cat. (CAT!)
At some point he just started writing his name as Joseph/Joe and that's what most of his paperwork goes by now. Old days you just changed what you didn't want to use anymore. No need for officials forms of change or getting it okayed.

Dad story: my dad was an alcoholic for a lot of years (I never knew him that way) and he got in trouble while in the military. He had a piece of paper he was suppose to take over to the people that were going to issue his disciplinary action. The paper stated what he had done wrong and was from the person that wrote him up for being bad. He ran into a buddy on the way over to the office he was supposed to go to and he convinced my dad to sit down for a drink. My dad told him what he was up to and where he was headed…the guy just told my dad not to take the paper to the office and he wouldn't get in trouble. My dad was like….what?!....and didn't take it. My dad said he never got in trouble and no one ever came looking for him. Paper trail was gone and nothing to show for his mis-deeds. Funny how its all so different now with the invention of computers.

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