Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Today is her Birthday~~~

9 years old and full of life since day one. I had two boys before she was born and I thought having a girl would be calmer, cleaner, pink and delicate 24/7. That's not exactly how it has turned out. Maya J is social, creative, generous, full of energy, personable and a gift from God. She shows me what is important and speaks her mind. She keeps me focused on what I have to be grateful for and fully engaged in my community. She loves church and all the people there, she loves our neighbors and neighborhood, she loves her friends & family, she loves her teachers and school, she loves God and has so many wonderful virtues that I admire. She's genuine and loving and a blessing.. I love her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE~~~~~~


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rummaging said...

Oops, I forgot. I owe this creative genius a soap making kit! And Norma, I just read that you can use food coloring for glycerine soap (just a little at a time) so Miss Maya can make things as red and pink as she likes!