Friday, December 22, 2006

What's in a Name?

We're going to be grandparents. Wow, we're going to be grandparents. It's a girl and we're really excited that we are going to have an addition to the family. I'm from a family of 2 girls and 2 boys. Of us 4 kids, we've had 8 boys and only 3 girls so girls are pretty exciting. So much to sew, so much to buy, so many crafts I could make for her. Honestly, we would be just as excited if it were a boy but we are excited to have girl sweetness coming along. We pray for a healthy granddaughter.

Now if my son only lived close by. Looks like lots of trips to CA for visits and they will have to trek up to Oregon. We're praying that our son has a change of heart and will want to move up here. Hey, I can pray all I want.. for what I want and God is okay with that. Doesnt' mean he'll answer it the way I want but I do know that he is listening and for that I am grateful. He promises to hear me even though he doesn't say he'll give me everything I ask for but I am hopeful that it is Gods will that they will move up here. If not, as long as he's where God wants him to be, that's the best I could want for him.

Now, what am I going to be called. I don't feel like a grandma or Nana (what we call our grandmothers in Spanish) so now I only have 2 more months to figure it out. Any suggestions? Please...any one? I have an idea, the winning answer will receive a 4"x4" collage that I will create in the theme of your choice. Now.... do I have any suggestions?


rummaging said...

Oh sure, tempt me with a collage, will you? I don't think of you as a grandma either so I'll have to get it some thought.

mariannealice said...

Congratulations to your family! How exciting....I have a friend who's children have a Baba and another who have an Oma ( which I think is Dutch). I used to call my paternal grandmother Por por ( Cantonese)...