Monday, January 15, 2007


Just relaxing and hanging out this long weekend. How I love an extra day. I kept forgetting then I'd be all excited again every time I'd remember. Wasn't able to get to this wreath before Christmas but the color can carry me thru Valentines. Loved seeing them and wanted to make one like this or any of them really. Glad I did. This sort of thing is very relaxing to me.

Finished a book bag that I felted out of a wool sweather I bought at as-is. I'll get a picture soon. Made a couple of pins out of felt that I'll be mailing out as gifts and I'll try to get those pictured too. I love crafting. I don't feel I'm an artist because I'm terrible at thinking up my own original ideas but I love to attempt other peoples ideas so I consider that crafting and not being an artist. I've loved it since I was a kid. Lots of crafts at Girls Club and Girl Scouts. Crocheting, macrame, sewing, beads...anything really.

I'd love to be able to focus on one thing. Tried to find one passion so I don't feel so scattered wanting to do so much but try as I might, it hasn't worked. Still love doing a little of this and a little of that. Currently crocheting a poncho for a little girl who just turned one, making Valentine paper dolls for a swap I joined, sewing headbands I saw on another blog, making two cards- one for a bday and the other just because-, have an envelope I want to make out of old calendar pages and have two shirts I've started working on for stenciling. Too bad I can't craft all day long. But would I really get everything finshed? There'd just be more projects in process. :)
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Sean Carter said...

Wow that looks great..great job...thanks for sharing it with us...i absolutely loved it...and since valentines day is coming up i'd sure like to some of your crafts on that...and hey i've also included a few stuff on Valentines day over at my blog so drop by sometime and check out all that's there!!!!

kbeeps said...

I love that wreath!!!