Thursday, January 11, 2007


com·mu·ni·ty (kə-myōō'nĭ-tē) Pronunciation Key n. pl. com·mu·ni·ties

*Sharing, participation, and fellowship.

When looked up, there are many definitions of community but I identify with this one so much. This last year we've been studying community at our church and the biblical views of community. How as a body of believers, we impact our community around us. As individuals committed to Christ how we impact our community at work, stores, schools our kids attend, family, neighbors and how we impact each other within our church body. God has a way of putting his Word into action.

Maya has been diagnosed with HSP-Henoch-Schönlein purpura (say: hen-awk shern-line purr-purr-ah). First she had a rash so I took her to the doctor and she tested positive for strep. Well the next day, when we were in Bend for my nieces wedding, I called the advise nurse because her rash was so much worse and she said go to urgent care. Urgent care said possible allergic reaction to penicillin and possibly Scarlet Fever. So new medicine, tons of topical remedies to help with the rash then back to her PCP on Tuesday. That's when she was diagnosed with HSP.
Causes blood vessels to get inflamed (irritated and swollen). This inflammation is called vasculitis. It usually affects the small blood vessels in the skin (capillaries). It can also affect blood vessels in the bowel and the kidneys. When the blood vessels get inflamed, they can bleed into the skin, causing a rash that is called purpura. The intestines and the kidneys may also bleed.

Praise God it is not contagious and while it is not a pretty sight, Ibuprofen has been very effective with the symptoms and she is sick but not sick. How can you praise God, you ask? I am like any other mother who doesn't want her child to be hurting or suffering in any way but this really have been a blessing to our family. The out pouring of concern demonstrated to our family and directly to Maya has been such a comfort. This HSP is not life threatening and even though while she has it her condition can worsen, she is the best case scenario for HSP. She doesn't have any signs of kidney problems, extreme joint inflamation requiring cortizone shots or intensine problems.

Friends & family are calling, approaching us at church, praying and basically going out of their way to see if they can stay home with Maya, bring us anything or if we need anything. Now that's community in action. They are 'sharing' our experience, 'participating' in the process with keeping informed & obtaining knowledge on what it is she has and being in 'fellowship' with our family. We are blessed. Maya and I have had wonderful conversations about praising God for answered prayers, friends, comfort and peace only God can give and how blessed we are to have God to turn to and not have to go through this without Him. We don't have to be scared or worry about the outcome because God is bigger than anything she has or situation we may go through.

She is encouraged to go to school as long as she's up to it. Her school mates have been fine with her rash as well as the kids at church and that was my biggest concern. Kids can be brutally honest and she's such a sweet person I didn't want her to be hurt. (that mom thing again) But again Praise God, the kids are treating her with love and sympathy. This rash will last about a month and she has a 40% chance of it coming back. She is not always comfortable because her body aches and pains migrate day to day & even with in a day but we are good. We have nothing to complain about because we have received so much more than what this rash is doing to her. She is in great spirits and even laughs at her situation. (If I tell her no to something, she tries to lick me and tells me she's going to give me her rash even though she knows it's not contagious) Did I mention she's funny too?

She's a sweet, wonderful person and she is a wonderful blessing to our family and all who know her. Please pray for her continued recovery and healing. We would appreciate your prayers!

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My thoughts are with you. It never is dull with kidlets is it?