Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Wedding Weekend~~

My niece was married on Saturday. Intimate night wedding..red & cream..candle lit..simple and lovely. Maya was sick but a trooper as she greeted guests, handed out a "Thank you for sharing our day with us" message & asked guests to sign a frame mat.
Ben was handsome and a sweet usher who had practiced how to ask which side of the wedding party guests were with and showed them to their seats.
All my love and Gods blessings go out to Mandy and her future with her new husband.


Carley said...

I love this picture. Glad you had a good time and everything went well..
Good luck to them...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunt Norma! That is very sweet. I love you all so much! Maya and Ben did a great job and I can't thank Tommy enough for coming when he had to work. You guys make me feel special.

Love Mandy