Saturday, February 17, 2007


I love to swap. It's like having a pen pal but instead of writing to discover commonalities, you send each other art in various forms. There are ATC's (artist trading cards), quilties (miniature quilts usually no bigger than 12" x 18" and usually no smaller than 8"x10"), collages of any size, tags, charms, paper dolls, ornaments, pin cushions and whatever you can imagine can and has been traded.

My latest swap was with a family in VA. It's focused on the kids of each household and we were matched with Olivia. She's going to be five years old and we had a great time putting a care package together. We received a list of her likes and a nice email from her mom about her personality and character.

Maya and Ben didn't really get into the crafting piece of it but I had a great time. However they did enjoy going through their things to send Olivia what they weren't using any more. In fact Ben started pulling out every thing that he was too old for. I had to go through the pile because some of it was too worn. I did appreciate they weren't stingy with their stuff and were in a giving spirit to someone they didn't even know.

We sent a panda bear pillow case I made and a stenciled panda bear cap I made. Oh did I mention she liked panda bears? The kids picked out three books each that they don't read anymore, a stuffed animal and a toy where you use a magnifying glass to find pictures of what the game says to look for. We added some lollipops, bubble gum (she likes those too) and Maya drew her a picture and wrote her a letter.
Now on to a Collage Goodies Swap, a Photo Scavenger Hunt II - (with a TWIST) swap, a MAY Birthday Swap Extravaganza swap and a bird tag swap that I've joined. Also going to be doing a bookmark swap with a local friend. Join in if you'd like. The more the merrier. I've never made or swapped bookmarks before. It will be fun.

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