Monday, March 12, 2007

Just bowls~~

Just thought I'd show you my new bowls that are in my new favorite color. I also bought plates but didn't take a picture. Saw some really cool mustardy ones on another site and she said she bought them at Target. I was thinking that my Target never has cute stuff like that and when I walked in, there they were and in Aqua! Love at first site.


kbeeps said...

Those are SO great!

The Alt Martha said...

I don't always admit to shopping at Target, but frankly I often do. I have found many cute things there...most of the new items in my house are either from there or Ross. My new trick is to buy things I want and then hold them until they are on sale. That way I can return them and buy ones that are a cheaper price but in case they run out I don't lose the color or design I want.