Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tag Weekend~~

Went to Elaine's to craft and took my bird tags to work on. I joined a swap at one of the art groups I'm in and thought I'd work on those. I was feeling the birds. At Elaine's you can hear the quiet and get projects accomplished without interruption unless you want there to be. So rare for a mom to have that luxury. She's such the perfect hostess. Had fresh fruit for brunchish then fresh salsa and guacamole with chips for snacks. Had root beer. My favorite. She has an amazing amount of craft supplies that she rarely buys new and she is extremely generous with them. She is tactful about her input and respects any idea I have.

Even if she didn't have snacks or supplies, it's just nice to hang and share creative ideas and do something I enjoy with someone who enjoys the same. She's swell. She had a slow start to the creative process but when she got going, she really got going. She had talked about doing an altered book with different techniques that we'd try but while I was working on my tags she thought of the most creative idea!!! Do a tag book of all the different techniques we would try. Getting together once a month to craft and try something new. To a crafter, this is is our idea of fun!

Of course she had a bazillion wonderful old tags and rings to keep them all together. And of course once her creativeness got flowin then her mind was working way faster than mine was.
"Do I put a cover?...Do I have a back page(tag)?...Do we put our successful explanation on the back of the tag or do we put it on the tag before so you're reading how to do it while looking at the end result on the tag next to it?...Do I keep the same style through the whole booklet or do I change the style each time I try a new technique?" Well, I just loved looking at the blank tags. Aren't they great? So much character just on their own. Am I wierd? I don't care, I like them.

Well here are my finished tags front and back. I had a blast. Thanks Elaine for giving me uninterrupted time to have fun, relax and for bringing me back to my creativeness after ignoring it for so long.

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The Alt Martha said...

You aren't weird for appreciating the charm of a blank tag Norma, you are an artist! I love your bird tags and they were my inspiration for the tag book (which I am going to begin work on this Saturday night at another crafty get together with friends). I love having you come over and can't wait for you to see the progress I have made in my den (I mean the craft room). So many supplies, all displayed in glass jars just waiting for us to create! Plus I need another excuse to drink root beer!