Thursday, March 8, 2007


I absolutely LUV the photos here, here and I like most of them here. They have totally motivated me to take better pictures and see everything in a different way. But I have to say that I'm not very patient with the whole composition process. I know what I want a photo to look like and I don't always know how to make it so. Of course I need a better camera but I've managed to take a couple of decent photos with my cheapy.

In high school I took one photo class for a semester and learned about shutter speed, light, how to develop photos in the black room and I even received an 'A' for a photo, of my nephew, that I did in black and white. (my favorite) My brother still has it and after 27 years I still enjoy looking at it and I have a small sense of pride knowing there's an 'A' marked on the back.

Motivated to take better pictures, I joined two photo swaps on this site. There's a list of 15 subjects and we have to do at least 10 to satisfy the swap requirements. I'm having a blast and my little camera is getting a work out like never before.

At moments my family is not quite sure what to think of me because inside and outside I'm gathering, looking for the best light and stopping the car on a whim if I see something that I need a picture of. Of course they do like it too, especially when it gives them the opportunity to ham it up.

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MamaZuzi said...

Good for you. I'll have to check out the photo swaps you mentioned. My kids love to be in the pics most of the time or they want to take my good camera and do it themselves. I want to get a digital photography book and teach myself each step/technique all the way through. Add that to the list.