Sunday, May 20, 2007


The condiments are ready: lime wedges, chopped onion, chopped cilantro.
Her bowl-left, His bowl-right. He'll have two of these. Also eaten with flour or corn tortillas rolled up. I put butter on my tortilla, he rubs lime and sprinkles salt on his tortilla.
A little onion, a little cilantro, squeeze on some lime and the menudo is ready to eat. What's menudo you say? Don't ask. It's a cultural thing and we were raised on it. Mostly a weekend meal since the making is so involved but we like the kind in a can so it's easy peasy for me. Why am I filming our breakfast you say? I just liked the colors.


kbeeps said...

I think I know what Menudo is. Contains a certain ingredient spelled tr--e, right? A certain ingredient I've often looked at in the stores and thought "why would anyone eat that???"

Then again, I think the same thing when I see beef lips for sale in the store, but obviously someone eats that, too!

It's all in how you were raised, I suppose. There was a time I didn't bat an eye at eating tongue, and I didn't think head cheese was all bad when I tried it, either!

norma said...

Yes you're right. In the Mexican culture, EVERYTHING is eaten. I've had tongue, brain, tripas (intestine) and other things. As a kid you grow up not knowing what it is. It's just a meal.

The Alt Martha said...

Americans eat everything too...just in a form of a hot dog, nothing so beautiful as your creation.