Monday, May 21, 2007

I Won~~

Look what I won at SewMamSew blog. I've bought fabric from her before and found out there's a blog and through the blog they give away fabric on Fridays!! Yeah. She's out of Beaverton and has beautiful fabrics. Her site is full of lovely materials. I picked the brown with the turquoise and I'll get one yard of it.
I never win and finally I won. Oh what a wonderful prize~~~


chelle said...

I picked the blue and brown as well!
Congrats on the win ... it is so so exciting!

Your creations are beautiful! I have been snooping about!

Carley said...

I always knew you were a winner....Good pick:):)

The Alt Martha said...

Yay for you!! What's the plan for the material? It is gorgeous!