Thursday, May 24, 2007

Not Quite a Quack~~

Sad story. The man was out paying bills and saw a mommy duck cross the street at a bad time and was hit by a car. Twice. She flew away. Don't know if she made it or not. Don't know if she was able to come back to look for her ducklings. I like to think she is okay and just sad she can't find her ducklings.
Happy ending-mostly. My man grabbed three before they fell in the drain. Four others went down the drain. Firemen appeared. Someone had called that puppies had gone down a drain so they were out to rescue them. Isn't that great that they went on a call to rescue little puppies?

Anyways, they were able to get two of the four ducklings that went down the drain. Sad but the two most likely won't make it. We brought home the five and now have five additions to our household. My daughter's class just hatched duckling eggs for science so we called her teacher and she told us to come by and she gave us all their supplies. The teacher thinks they're only a day old because they still have the little point on their beaks for cracking through their egg shells.

I don't know if our household is the best place for them but we are going to try. Daughter's teacher said they'd take them if we couldn't keep them. Good to know.

They make lots of noise and don't stay still. Taking pictures was a challenge. Isn't the top picture of the feet so adorable?


kbeeps said...

Oh my goodness they are so cute! I bet they're noisy! Keep us posted on how it's going!

The Alt Martha said... I would call the Audobon Society and see what they suggest. They have a wild animal rescue center and could offer great advice.

Hooray for men that have big hearts!