Friday, May 25, 2007


Maya: I'm so glad our dad is so nice.

Me: Because he rescued the ducklings?

Maya: Yes. They're so cuuuute.

Maya: I'm never eating duck again. (Doesn't matter that she never has)

Me: Because we rescued the ducklings?

Maya: Yes. They're soooooooo adooooooorable. (sing song voice)

Me: What about cow? (I'm an evil mother)

Maya: I'm definitely eating cow.

Me: What if we brought home a rescued calf?

Maya: Mom that would never happen.

Me: But what if we did?

Maya: I wouldn't eat cow again.

Me: What about pig? (I'm still the evil mother)

Maya: I'm defnitely eating pig.

Me: What if we brought home a piglet?

Maya: I wouldn't eat pig again.

Ben: What about horse?

Maya: No one eats horse.

Me: In some countries they do but we don't here.

Maya: Eeehhhwwww.

Me: What about chicken?

Maya: I'm so eating chicken.

Me: What if we brought home little baby chickies? Peep, peep. (Remember me? The sooo evil mother)

Maya: Okay, I'll just be a vegetarian. OKAY?? I'll never eat an animal again. Are you happy now?

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The Alt Martha said...

Whohoo! This girl is a child after my own heart (with the exception of her flare for the flashy pink clothes and whatnot). First she gets the recycling bug and now this.

Now just tell her that the chickens who are used to lay eggs are actually treated worse than the ones slaughtered for meat and that dairy cows often don't get to see the light of day because they live tied up in barns and that leather is made from the skins of animals and that bees are killed when honeycombs are opened (not to mention honey is just bee vomit) and you'll have a vegan on your hands. Or just a completely tortured overwhelmed child. But hey, you are an evil mother, right? Ha ha. Couldn't help but include my two cents of course.

But that is how it all gets started. My first reality check was when my grandmother gave me a toy seal when I was quite young and explained how it was "authentic" which I quickly learned meant a seal was killed to make my toy...then the traditional rabbit's foot was purchased for me and admit it, those are just gross. But I realized how similar that was to a cat's foot and an activist was born.

Sorry about the rambling...