Sunday, May 27, 2007

Changed Plans~

The plans for the weekend were camping and outdoors. Well since we have five new family members, going off for the weekend wasn't an option. Who would care for the wee babes? So plan B has been really relaxing.

The family biked to the Farmer's Market and purchased fresh asparagus. We bar- b - qued it on the grill last night. Yum. Also purchased fresh sugar peas and added them to a pea salad which we also consumed last night.

Loved looking at all the flowers. Can one ever get tired of all the gorgeous flowers? I think not. We didn't buy any flowers but we did buy two cherry tomatoes plants. Planted them next to the Walla Walla onions.

Met up with this little cutie. She exhibits the spirit of the Farmer's Market and the anticipation of Summer. Also listened to the talented man below. He had at least 5 instruments that he took turns playing and he has a wonderful voice.
Also took time to enjoy this awesome rose bush. It was pink, yellow, peach, orangey and absolutely beautiful. What an enjoyable plan B.


chelle said...

Wow sounds like a fabulous weekend!

MamaZuzi said...

How are those ducklings? Don't let my kids see them. Anyway... we planted asparagus little knowing that we can't harvest until next year (if they actually survive life in our garden).

norma said...

Ducklings are great. Battery charger to the laptop is down so I'm waiting for delivery from Dell then I'll post a picture of their first swim. They're getting big.
Bummer about the asparagus but what a delight when they harvest next year. YUM~

kbeeps said...

Any ducky updates?

tracey said...

Norma, so glad your ducklings are doing well! Darling certainly doesn't share your Maya's sentiments, though; she can hadly wait to eat The Screamer!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure... you get 5 ducklings and then you stop posting. Hope to hear something new soon :-)