Monday, June 11, 2007


Seems no one is concerned about my well being because I haven't posted in a while. Seems they just want updates on what interests them and not one word of concern so FINE, here they are;
Girl Scouts is over for the year. Three of the 8 girls are now Juniors and the rest are still Brownies. We'll have a combined troop next year. Final party was at the roller skating rink. Fun~
Jesse and Roxana, the girls blanket is almost finished. See! Tried machine quilting but that didn't work last night. Found out today that I need a 'walker foot' and I don't so Dad is pulling out his upholstering machine and I'll be able to quilt it. Yes, yes I know it's been THREE months since I started and every other week I promise I'll get it to you but.....but....but.....I'm working on it. Really. And for the rest of you, yes those are skulls that THEY (the parents) picked for their first born, sweet, soft, precious daughters baby quilt. I must confess, I really like it. Leo wouldn't let me finish taking pictures unless I gave him a rub. He's so demanding.

Here's the girl at 3 months. This is the beach where we used to lived in CA. Makes me homesick. I love the way her forehead is squished trying to handle the sunshine in this picture.

I had a pedicure. I KNEW you'd want to know. Leo did not have one. I think Juju wants one. The cats are hungry and are following me around while I try to take pictures so I can post this. Can you see Leo sitting at my feet waiting for me to take my toes picture?

I'm re-doing my dad's scrapbook from the old magnetic photo albums to an acid free scrapbook that will allow his photos to last. Found 'Un-du' which is used to take the adhesive off of his old telegrams and letters so I can lift them from the old photo album. The paper they used to write on is like tissue paper and this product works really well without the paper ripping. The group photo is of a singles club he used to be in way back when. He's in the second row down, second from the left. Above the photo is his old 'little black book' minus the black cover. It really has women's names and phone numbers in it. Too funny considering my dad is 81 and the quietest, God loving man I know. My older brother knows me well and has put a deadline for this Saturday. I have to have it finished and returned to him. I'm feeling the crunch on this one. Now last but not least. The ducklings. Seems you all want to know about them the most. I get phone calls from CA asking about them. "Oh so nice of you to call. I'm fine thanks." Yeah, right.

Picture on the left is from their first swim. Put them in a painters tray so they could get out on the slope. They loved it. Look how little they were. Now only two can be in the 'deep end' at the same time. They're getting so big. During the day they are outside in a chicken wire enclosed area. They do EVERYTHING together. If one bobs his head, they all are bobbing. If one tries to flap it's wings, they all are flapping. They are funny. We are going to try to find a mama duck that has ducklings that are the same size. The Audubon Society said a mama duck would adopt five ducklings with no problem. The only problem is finding time to drive around looking for a mama duckling. No big surprise there.


MamaZuzi said...

Even though that anonymous quote (from me) mentioned the duckies, I wanted to hear about you... sounds as if things are busy or rough or something. Maybe a coffee break would help this morning (Tues)! I've got a Starbucks card!

MamaZuzi said...

PS... you can always vent to me via email about anything you need to in life... I'm not always good at getting on the phone (kids!), but I'm happy to be a shoulder to email on... lord knows I need one often enough.

norma said...

Hey, I'm game for a coffee break. I have a Starbucks card too. Yippee for birthday presents!!! I hear ya on the phone thing. Maybe because I'm on the phone all day for work but I'm not a phone person and would much rather talk on the computer. Let me know when you get in and want to take a break.

chelle said...

Great update! The pictures are fabulous! The rollar rink looks like so much fun!

Felicia said...

Your pictures are wonderful! I love your little kitty and baby ducks :)