Thursday, October 11, 2007


Waiting on this. I am so excited to get a quality all-in-one printer. I've spent some money on a couple of cheapies and I got what I paid for. I thought I'd have to spend more to get a great printers but less than 100 and I'm a happy consumer. This one is recommended by her and I've seen her print jobs and I am so excited to have pink be pink, yellow be yellow, orange be orange, purple be purple and black be black. What a concept.

Saw this on Oprah and knew I had to try it. My children will eat some veggies but it really is a miserable lot in life to have to coax your children into trying vegetables. The recipes are supposed to be low fat too so double good for us. It's written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife Jessica and I think it's a brilliant idea. Our family can always use healthier options, cut back and we need to start making better choices.

I feel it's a season for change, not only because it's fall but because it's on my heart to improve my parenting attitude & skills...improve the attitude & choices my kids make...improve on our health and eating habits...simplify our household...simplify our lifestyle which includes slowing down a smidge, less television, more reading, more face to face time instead of just existing side by side...clear out some clutter and keep only what we use and I mean really use. Not something I decide to hold on to 'just in case' I need it. All of these areas will be challenging to me but I have to try while I'm in the mind to do so.


Felicia said...

Fall is a wonderful time to stop and regroup.

The Alt Martha said...

Veggie pot pie is my suggestion...anything with the word pie in it can't be all that bad!

norma said...

Martha, you are brilliant!! :)