Tuesday, November 27, 2007

10 Things Tuesday~

Wow, what a busy week I've had and it looks like it's going to get busier the next two weeks so I need to focus on the now and be mindful of today.

1. Great family time over the weekend.
2. Fun sister time shopping on Friday.
3. Not really great sales on Black Friday so I didn't spend that much money.
4. All the flannel purchased on Friday and at a really great deal so only 2.50 or less for each pair of
pajamas I'm making for my family.
5. My fun 'Holiday Swap' partner- Hazel Joy. I like her site and her style.
6. For the opportunity to pray with my family at our Thanksgiving meal.
7. For past and present troops that have fought for my freedoms.
8. For fun craft ideas stirring up in my mind.
9. For all 'yes' RSVP's for my daughters birthday/slumber party on Friday. That makes her very happy!
10. For my daughters appreciation for friendships and bonds with family & friends. She's a people person.

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Jan said...

This is so very nice, and I love the picture!