Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Too Long~

FINALLY my boy brought back my laptop. He had some work to do on it but I'm telling you, it was so hard being without it. I can't believe how much I missed this little gem. So many pictures to show but now some of it seems so yesterday and I've moved on so not sure if I'll try to go back to talk about it but who knows...maybe I'll feel like it at some time.

This is the latest picture of my granddaughter-Tyler. One year is she. (I've been watching too many Star Wars movies lately. I'm starting to talk like Yoda) Picture is from our March trip to CA. She's a peach but then you'd expect me to say that. We went down for her first birthday celebration. Man this young ins parents know how to throw a bash. They put out all the fix ins. (Looks like I've been watching too many cowboy movies too)

Here's the latest swap I sent out. It was called 'My favorite color inchies swap'. The person I sent to gives me four of her favorite colors and I pick two colors to use. My partner liked purple, forest green, periwinkle and one other color I can't remember. Each of these little squares is one inch.

I also sent her a couple of Big Hunk candy bars because she can't get them in Canada and really likes them. Also sent her some office supplies in her favorite colors, a green handkerchief because she collects them, one of my Moo cards with a picture of a cupcake Maya made that happened to be the right colors and to top off my package of of Sue's photo cards of a hydrangea. Of course the flower was the perfect color to complete my envelope of goodies.

Well that's all for now. Man I've missed you guys. I'll be back with more. Peace.


MamaZuzi said...

Yay - you are back. I've been needing distraction and I'm sure that's not over!

Sally L. Smith said...

OK, Norma. I've been hearing about these "moo" cards. What are they. I'm assuming they are a certain size. Fill me in, please, and thanks for commenting on my blog.